How to monitoring application software?

Keyturion monitoring application software

Monitoring applications are normal software in corporate laptops or computers. Each boss must protect himself against using the devices for purposes other than work. Employees try very often to do this. There are more and more applications on the market that deal with this type of service. One of them that is becoming more and more popular is the Keyturion monitoring application. Find out about the functions offered by the application.

What functions does Keyturion have – an example of operation?

Keyturion has device monitoring functions. The principles of its operation can be explained on a specific example – let’s consider a situation in which a given employee entered a word or phrase in the search engine that is suspicious and not related to his professional duties. In such a situation, the application takes a screenshot and immediately sends an e-mail alert to the person responsible for controlling employees. Keytorium allows you to set applications and phrases that are “banned” and sends a warning message immediately after using them. The application includes tracking of visited websites in private mode

How does the Keyturion app mask itself?

Keyturion has many advantages and simplifications in use. One of them is that the applications are virtually undetectable by the user. Keyturion has the ability to hide even in places such as task manager or process list. The advantage of the application is also the fact that only a person who knows its security features has access to the data stored in it. password. It is not possible for anyone to intercept the data collected by Keyturion as its strong security rules preclude it.

The Keyturion monitoring application is available in two variants: the standard version and the pro version, which is enriched with various extras. Thanks to it, the level of digital security in the company increases, and the time spent on controlling employees is significantly reduced. The application will also take care of the system and in the event of a virus threat or interception of data by another program, it will also react appropriately.